TULKINNANVARAISTA is a new music concert series that promotes experimental practises such as microtonality, use of electronic instruments and improvisation as well as sound art, conceptual art and performance art. The present performers from Finland and abroad as well as musicians of our own UMUU Orchestra, a versatile ensemble up to all or most imaginable tasks.

The founder of the series and its artistic director is cellist and composer Juho Laitinen. The concerts are produced by Uteliaat Muusikot Association –– whose board in 2016 consists of Juho Laitinen (chairman), Juhani Nuorvala and Otto Tolonen –– with funds provided by Kone Foundation, Finnish Arts Council, Finnish Cultural Foundation and The Finnish Music Foundation.

For further information in English do follow our Facebook page and our YouTube channel (links below), or contact us at info@tulkinnanvaraista.fi.