Better than The Swans.
— audience member after hearing Morton Feldman's Trio

UMUU Orchestra is the resident ensemble of Tulkinnanvaraista concert series. This flexible lineup of 1–30 musicians presents works of the historical avantgarde as well as experimental art music of our time. The orchestra's vision is to develop into an authority of graphic scores, microtonal and electroacoustic repertoire and sound art, with which elements of conceptual and performance art are fused. In all the activities we promote an equal and non-hierarchical art experience shared between composers, performers, listeners and other participants.

The versatile musicians assume at ease a variety of tasks as soloists and chamber and orchestral musicians. Some of them are seaasoned experts within the repertoire. Additionally UMUU offers work for the younger generation of professional musicians by recruiting players from regular open auditions.

The artistic director and conductor of UMUU is cellist and composer Juho Laitinen.



19–21 Jan 2018
IX Kallio New Music Days




Earle Brown
Centering (1973)
Four systems (1954)
Special events (1999)

Gavin Bryars
Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (1971)

John Cage
Aria (1958)
Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1958)
Living room music (1940)
String Quartet in Four Parts (1950)

Morton Feldman
Durations 2 (1960)
Intersection 4 (1953)
Patterns in a Chromatic Field (1981)
Projection 1 (1950)
Structures (1951)

Trio (1980)
Two instruments (1958)

Charles Ives
String Quartet No.2 (1914–16)

Tom Johnson
Rational Melodies (1982)

Mauricio Kagel
Con voce (1972)
Sextet (1953/1957)

Alvin Lucier
Fideliotrio (1981)
I am sitting in a room (1970)
Indian summer (1993)
In memoriam Jon Higgins (1984)
Love Song (2016)
Music on a long thin wire (1977)

Music for cello with one or more amplified vases (1992)
Music for pure waves, bass drums and acoustic pendulums (1980)
Silver streetcar for the orchestra (1988)

Tapper (2002)

Phill Niblock
A Y U (1999)
Baobab (2011)
Disseminate (1998)
FeedCorn Ear (2012)
Harm (2003)
Poure (2008)
SLS (1980)
A Third Trombone (1978)

Two Lips (2011)

Luigi Nono
Fragmente–Stille, an Diotima (1989)

Einojuhani Rautavaara
Oboe Quartet (1957)

Steve Reich
Four Organs (1970)
Pendulum Music (1968)

Terry Riley
G Song (1980)
In C (1964)
String Trio (1961)

Frederic Rzewski
Coming together (1973)

Erkki Salmenhaara
Elegia II (1964)

James Saunders
assigned #5 (2002)
assigned #9 (2005)

Giacinto Scelsi
Elegia per Ty (1958)
Maknongan (1976)

Natura renovatur (1967)
Pwyll (1954)
Trilogia, i tre stadi dell'uomo (1957–65)

Martin Smolka
Squeaking wings (2015)

Karlheinz Stockhausen
Zeitmaße (1956)

James Tenney
Glissade (1982)

Jukka Tiensuu
Plus (1992)
Rubato (1975)

Matthew Welch
Symphony in Drones (2001)

Christian Wolff
Duo for Violins (1950)
Cello Suite Variation (2000)
Edges (1969)
For 1, 2 or 3 people (1964)
Grete (2007)
Microexercises (2006)

Pairs (1968)
37 Haiku (2005)

Iannis Xenakis
Dhipli zyia (1952)
Ikhoor (1978)
Keren (1986)
Kottos (1977)
Morsima–Amorsima (1962)

John Zorn
Cobra (1984)